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Gary Harmer

Gary is our gym handyman - you can find him doing anything from putting up floodlights, to stocking the tuck shop, and everything in between! Gary is also our team photographer and videographer for all our competition routines and our wonderful action shots are down to him.

Rachel George

Rachel is our Safeguarding Officer and helps us keep all our athletes well. She helps write all our policies which you can find on our Policies page. All concerns regarding the wellbeing of an athlete go through her first.

Tracy Findlay

Tracy works hard as our New Parent Rep and is your first point of contact when you join WRC. She helps navigate a path through our crazy world! She can be reached on

Cheryl Pemberton

Cheryl is our extra merchandise rep and is in charge of sorting all the extra fun stuff that we have! She is also our website manager.

Completing the Team

Our amazing Team Rep Team is completed with Jade Cracknell, Rebekah Hutchison, Joanne Stringer and Chris Priestley, all of whom add invaluable contributions to our program in every which way you can think of! 

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